Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education.

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Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education.

The writer argues that the sense of competition for high grades restricts the quality of education. This is a claim with which I generally disagree. In fact, the lists of reasons and evidences give support to my favorable attitude toward the subject. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into the most outstanding reasons to illustrate my perspective.

The first reason, which gives adherence to my idea, is that the competition informs the students about their educational stands. It is lucidly obvious that all individual consider themselves as an accurate and errorless person, and their failures are latent till there is a chance of comparison, this chance mostly occurs with the competition, which some identical individuals are rated based upon their talents or abilities or success. Training is not exceptional from this fact too. All students consider themselves as the students with the high-level of learning; however, their shortcomings reveal with the examination. In the exam the students’ educational-stands about the specific subject are rated and it depicts who states in the first rank, which completely differs from the majorities attitudes toward their knowledge; besides, informs them about reality.

The second exquisite reason, which advocates my viewpoint, is that the competition stimulates the students to present their ultimate function. It is cogently explicit that till there is no system of ranking, people will care about their functions. However, by emergence of this system, which illustrates the people efficiencies, they will utilize all of their abilities to present the best result. This atmosphere leads to endless effort to achieve the best outcome. Since, the new first ranked outcomes present continuously by others. This atmosphere and its influence have their impacts in the training system too. In consequence, the students present their best performance to be dominant among the others. This situation paves the path to the well-learned students, who never give up in their studies.

Nonetheless, what I alluded to in the two paragraphs of the body should not be overgeneralized. The level of test or examination system has the vital role in all reasons mentioned above. As long as these examines do not shape based upon the standard method, their efficacy will be doubtful. Since, they solely cover the basic and rudimentary questions. Thus, all students' effort will be abortive, as the preparation for the exam does not boost or flourish their knowledge, and it is merely a repetition of basic knowledge. However, this situation rarely occurs, while there is a standardized system of examination.

To wrap it up, all aforementioned reasons and evidences lead us to the conclusion that, the sense of competition and exams inform the students about their knowledge and evoke their appetites to present best function and all of these pave the path to be better stand of education among the students. However, all of these are impressive while the test is structured based upon the standard base. Actually, there are numbers of reasons which confirm the accuracy of my perspective which are not mentioned above. However, I depict the most conspicuous one to illustrate my idea lucidly.

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