If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it are justifiable.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting yo

Throughout history mankind has diverse value systems and viewed different things as goals worthy of pursuing. Among these goals, some of them have helped the advancement of civilization and freedom, while others severely constrains the general welfare of human being. The criterion of whether a goal is worthy or not is entirely subjective, and a good blueprint in one's view may be a plan that leads to the destruction of mankind. Although a little leeway is allowed since the definition of justice is also unclear, I fundamentally disagree with the speaker's claim.

Each person's understanding of worthiness varies, and some people have very distorted and even antisocial view on what is good for them. Allowing these people to pursue their goals through whatever means would bring damaging effect to our society. Adolf Hitler clearly thought of his goal as the resurrection of German glory. However, he distortedly understood German glory as eliminating other mankind in the world and taking over the entire planet. To achieve his goal, he imhumanely executed whoever stood in his way and he set concentration camps to torture other ethnic groups such as Jews. His methods clearly were efficient -- millions of people died, and even the countries that he never visited worshiped him as a God. However, for anyone who has a little sense of morality, his crime is unforgivable.

Besides, even though some people aim good for the society, they may bring unwelcoming and irreversible effects into society because their lack of holistic viewpoint. Scientists who research in gene engineering should be cautious about the detrimental consequence they might bring to mankind. However, this year a Chinese scientist who has taken no bioethics class nor under any supervision has created gene edited babies. Being entirely ignorant about the sequelae on those babies and the effect on the entire human gene development, he held the belief that he can cure disease for those babies, and the benefits outweight the drawbacks. Admittedly, his aim was probably good when he started the experiment, but his failure to consider other consequences and his way of reaching the aim without consulting other people have caused irreversible outcomes.

However, we should always maintain a critical viewpoint towards our opinion, because history has also proven that people's judgement is under the limitation of time and environment. What seems unacceptable now may turn out to benefit mankind a lot one day. So we should not overly generalize and assert that any means to achieve self-determined worthy goals are bad. Bruno's science theory has been proven to be right but he was executed by his contemporaries; Socrates who advocated for critical thinking was sentenced to death for corruption of the youth.

Since what unjust means may be unclear and varies in time, we should allow some leeway for the speaker's claim. Otherwise, in my view encouraging individuals to pursue their goals through whatever means would have detrimental effect on society.

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