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52. Is there any sex discrimination in your country? ( 5 - 8 )
52. Describe the position of woman in China? ( 5 - 8 )
One of the aspects I could tell you about regarding this topic is that there is some discrimination against woman in my country. For example, woman who are doing exactly the same job as men, are getting smaller salaries. Secondly, women are not considered for certain high level positions, like for example, in government. In addition, in many communities , women are still regarded as inferior to men. This is particularly the case in the rural communities. Lastly, parents prefer to have a boy as opposed to a girl. This is an unhealthy situation, as it will disturb the balance between the number of men and women in my country in the years to come.

53. What are the causes of sex discrimination? ( 5 - 8 )
One of the main reasons regarding this topic that I would like to highlight is the fact that men often determine the wages in the companies. Secondly, women are not seen as able to do certain jobs as well as men. For instance, construction work has always been seen as a man’s job. Lastly, many men still believe that a woman should stay at home, raise the kids, and be of service to her husband.

53. What are the causes of sex discrimination? ( 7 - 8 )
That’s an interesting question. Allow me to explain myself by shortly mentioning the following points: Firstly, I believe that discrimination against woman have deep roots in societies all over the world. In other words, it is not a present day phenomenon. Throughout history woman have not enjoyed the same status as men. It is only recently that woman have been filling the same positions in the work place. Lastly, I believe that it will take much more time to eradicate this practice. For example, as more and more woman become the sole breadwinners in families, they will have to be compensated as such irrespective of their sex.

54. Should housewives be paid a salary by the government? Why? (5-8)
Yes, I believe housewives should be paid a salary by the government. Firstly, to be a housewife is a job just as any other, and one should be paid for what you are doing. Secondly, the more housewives there are, the better. For example, housewives can spend more time with their babies, and so lay the foundation of healthy relationships.

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