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Education has been more important than before. It is one of the ways that can help us to active our goals in the future. As result, we can see people and especially parents who force the government in the country to change the education system. They have been more interested about what kind of knowledge that their children received over the years. However, educational experts suggest several ways to improve the education.

Firstly, the curriculum should be more attractive and include material, which will be most useful to the student; for example, some subject such as art and science need tools, which can help the teacher to deliver the information in an interesting manner. However, all curriculums should also provide a basic level of education, which have appositive impact on the student.

Secondly, offer online courses and let the student to choose between go to school or study online. There is lots of website, study guides and videos can be used to give some information that schools offer. This method is useful for the student who cannot pay the cost of school nor have a healthy problem.

The next suggest is changing the teaching style. Teacher must have the ability to create and make the lesson more interesting for student. However, this cannot happen unless the governments establish educational institutions. These kinds of organization care about developing teachers skills and increase their information so they can offer a good way in teaching.

After analyzing the educational expert suggest. It has been proven that education system needs to improve permanently. Furthermore, it expected that the country will be more advance in various fields of science and particle if we provide a good learning environment for the next generation.

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You can get 6.0 out of 9.0. The structure and ideas are great. but still you need:

1. improve your language
2. there are some gram mistakes.
3. pay attention on how to use 'which'. you didn't use 'which' properly.