Talk about your favorite actor/actress.You should say:- who he/she is- what his/her best film is- what he/she looks like- and explain what you like most about him/her

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Talk about your favorite actor/actress.
You should say:
- who he/she is
- what his/her best film is
- what he/she looks like
- and explain what you like most about him/her

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Dear sir
Thank you so much for your advice. But I am a little confused because I have seen some books and websites that have advised to use some phrases such as "To be honest with you" , "As a matter of fact" and so forth but sometimes you caution me not to use them. I was wondering if you could clarify the issue for me. I appreciate your help.
Yours faithfully
Sasan Ghomi

The correct answer is: don't use them. In the IELTS speaking test room, only you and the examiner. Don't waste time on those transition phrases, they are for beginners. instead, talk more and give better content.

And we have asked you talk a little bit faster because you talked very slow before. But you talked too fast nowadays. Be relaxing and slow down a bit. Suppose the examiner is in front of you.