The maps below show the centre of a small town called Islip as it is now and plans for its development Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant

The maps depict the heart of tiny city named Islip at the present and future time. Overall, it is readily apparent that there will be a lot of new facilities in the future.

In detail, the Main Road will be used only for walkers after the development. Moreover, the Shops row on the North side of the Road and Countryside will be turned into new facilities including Bus Station, Shopping Centre, Car Park, and New Housing. However, Stores located on the South Side of the Road will remain unchanged.

On the South side of the city, there will be building of New Housing area, which will be situated on the west side of the Park. Furthermore, a Dual Carriageway will be built which will cause the Park to be smaller in the future. Moreover, School will be expanded a little after the development.

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