Books are better than movie. Discuss.

Essay topics: Books are better than movie. Discuss.

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In the past fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in prevalence of movie as opposed to other traditional types of entertainment. There is a widely held view that movie is now gradually replacing the role of books. Yet there still remain some arguments that no matter how advanced and convenient movie is, it cannot substitute for books. Overall, whether books are better than movie has aroused certain arguments among people of concern.

First of all, books allow readers to think in their own way, whereas movie makes viewers follow the stream of thought of the directors. Books give readers freedom to think, imagine and reason what they want. Movie, on the contrary, gives viewers the same perspective that discourages mental effort. For instance, when you read Harry Porter, you can imagine what the character looks like or how the background is. Nonetheless, when you watch a movie, you are exposed to everything from the landscape, the consequences of the story and the character, thus hamper you from being imaginative.

Equally important, though books are better choices for learning process in comparison with movie. Books facilitate your learning in an active way, allowing you to set your own space for your own sake. You can read books as much as you desire and even review, consider the information that are difficult to get the hang of. Movie, on the other hand, presents information to viewers in such a short time that they can not retain anything. Moreover, the images and scenes on movies are colorful and interesting, which distracts the viewers and as a result, they can’t grasp anything but the memory of beautiful sound and photos. On top of that, movie is commonly produced because of the demand of customers rather than for the sake of educating. Take the case of history films as a salient example. The manufacturers modify the image of main character, the progressing of the story to appeal viewers. Consequently, the knowledge we obtain in movie is not exact as that of books.

However, when it comes to disadvantages, books are only accessible for certain types of readers. Movie, in contrast, is available for everyone, even the illiterate. The information in movie is presented in a more interesting way through images that encourage the learning process of children. It is not the case of books that require high concentration and self-discipline from audiences. For example, it may be difficult to force children to read a grammar and vocabulary book instead of watching a movie. Children will obviously find much easier to grasp all new words through movie.

By ways of conclusion, either books or movie has a positive impact on us in specific cases. Nevertheless, the benefits of books that bring to us outweigh that of movie, particularly in terms of aiding learning process and accumulating experience. Thus it is my personal view that reading habits should be adopted and accustomed by the majority of people to practice reasoning and analytical skills.

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