Essay topics: The continued rise in the world’s population is the greatest problem faced by humanity at the present time.What are the causes of this continued rise?Do you agree that it is the greatest problem faced by humanity?'s picture

Nowadays, the constant population growth has become the biggest problems for human beings. I do not agree that a steady rise in the earth's population is the topmost issue for the humanity. Indeed, climate change needs to be accepted as the massive obstacle. This essay will support my opinion with relevant examples.

Firstly, decline in the death rates can be one of the significant fundamental reasons. Owing to the advancements and new inventions in medicine, previously fatal and dreadful diseases have found the successful treatments. In absence of remarkable discoveries, the majority of patients would have died untimely. Secondly, lack of education forms a solid basis for the rise in the globe’s population. Take the example of developing countries where most citizens are illiterate, live below the poverty level and have little or no knowledge about the family planning. Furthermore, the majority of cases consider the surge in population as an increase in the Human Resources as in the number of productive hands, an negative trait, responsible for the flare up of population.

However, I firmly consider climate change as the biggest global challenge nowadays. Since many developed nations have low birth rates due to the high level of education, the population expansion does not occur on a global scale. And the escalation may be readily controlled by adopting safe contraception methods. By contrast, climate change can become irreversible past a threshold, which means that the impact of climate change will become unmanageable, subjecting to the worst disaster. Moreover, overpopulation, water scarcity and conflicts, which also pose dire menaces to human beings, are in fact because of the climate change. For illustration, when severe floods and droughts hit a specific community, there is a high probability that the people will be necessitated to either migrate out of the area or clash for the foods, bringing about overpopulation and potential deaths respectively.

In conclusion, considering the irrevocability and the indirect source of population inflation, presumably, climate change must be perceived as the greatest threat to us over the population growth.

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