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Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

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It is said that the more extreme a sport is, the more interesting it becomes. However, some argue to the point that such sport should be forbidden for safety reasons. Despite that, there are some reasons why I believe such sport should not be banned.

First, every sports have their own safety rules. Even the sports where the athletes are less likely to be injured try to prevent any possible injuries. For instance, badminton athletes are trained to prevent their ankles twisted. When we are talking about more dangerous sports like skiing, the safety regulation becomes stricter. The race always requires well understanding of the safeties from the athletes for dangerous performances. In addition, newbies are always well-trained before they are allowed to perform certain dangerous acts. Furthermore, there are always security teams who are ready to perform certain actions when something goes wrong.

Finally, there will be more negative impacts than the positive ones for banning extreme sports. Fatal accident of such sports are rare, however, there will be obvious social and economic consequences. Forcing extreme sport athletes to quit their jobs is a cruel decision for them which have devoted their lives to perform such sports skillfully. Nobody likes something they loved taken away from them. Furthermore, there are many kinds of extreme sports such as racing, skiing, skydiving, wrestling, etc, and banning those will create a massive unemployment. Moreover, since such sports create big revenues from advertisements, there will be a subsequent economic plummet.

In conclusion, banning extreme sports will create negative social and negative economic impacts, also such action is nonsense in term of security reasons.

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