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As people live longer and longer, the idea of cloning human beings in order to provide spare parts is becoming a reality. The idea horrifies most people, yet it is no longer mere science fiction.To what extent do you agree with such a procedure?Have you a

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To create a replica of human-being has remained a fascinated subject in the latest scientific and technological era. After the successful effectuate of animal cloning, many scientists are experimenting to avail success in cloning human-being. Many adepts warn not to pragmatic on this idea for the betterment of humanity. My thought also goes with the plea and, that can be supported with following arguments.

To commence with, the survey says that the life expectancy of many countries has crossed eighties and centuries. If cloning of human-being would support to live people more longer , then, there would be reduction in death rate of countries which can lead to increase population of aged people exponentially. The increase in population and that too of aged people can affect the economy of those countries in many aspects like employment of youngsters, medication, retirement funds and so on.

Moreover, It is difficult to capricious that the the invention would be utilized on to serve the mankind. There are many awful mind exists in the world who can take advantage of cloning in order to get power or to rule the world. The best examples can be understandable from some bollywood and hollywood movies like Robot, Krish2 , and Resident Evil respectively.

On the contrary, there are few ambivalent associated with the idea of cloning of human being, that is people can clone their beloved ancestors. Also , cloning can be used to give ling life to exceptional personalities of the world like Tom cruise, Amitabh Bachchan and so on. It can help to cure several disease like diabetes that are affecting our young generations.

To sum up the all above arguments, though cloning has array of benefits in favour of human being, it can provoke chaos in the world with nasty use. Again , the ephemeral cloning, just to avail organ sounds very inhuman. So, Under the light of all above arguments, I strongly believe we should not disturb the process of almighty and thus to restrict ourself to animal cloning only.

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