Do you agree or disagree with the following statement People care more about public recognition than about money Even if no more money is given public recognition can still make people work harder

Nowadays because of the improvement and popularity of social media, most of the people are eager to become a famous person because naturally humans like the fame. We know many people who do everything to become a famous person in different eras. Personally I consider myself among the group of people who think people care more about public recognition than about money. I feel this way because of some reasons which I will explore in the following essay:

first of all, as I mentioned earlier, humans naturally like the fame because people like famous and well known people and they always follow their life and respect them. Most of the famous people are the role models of youth. Today due to the easy access to internet and consequently the social media, people spend most of their time on different platforms like tweeter, facebook or Instagram and because of this easy access, some people spend lots of time or even huge amount of money to become a famous person. For example, I have a friend who likes to be a well –known and famous influencer on the Instagram, he has done every thing that he can do and even he spend lots of money to find more followers and now after a long hard working he has more than 20K followers.
In addition, I think another main reason that people work hard for their public recognition is that in future after sever efforts and after becoming a famous person, they could earn money from their fame. my friends who I talked about him above, now he is earning money via his page. Every day he has many offer from different companies to advertise their products. In fact he never though that one day he could achieve money from his fame and more than every things he just used to think about being a famous person that most of the people know and like him and now he received what he wants and he is a happy person, while if he did not work hard for that, he could not be a happy and satisfied person.
To draw my conclusion, as I explained above, most of the people like the fame and actually all of us like to follow the news about the famous people and because of this natural desire, people put lots of effort and even they spend money to become a famous person because after that further than earning money from their fame people would respect them.

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