Do you agree or disagree? people benefit from traveling in their own country than from traveling to foreign countries.

Some people think it is more beneficial to travel to foreign countries than do in their own country since people experience various new cultures and lifestyles as going out on a limb and let their curiosity guide them. However, in my opinion, I definitely think that people gain a lot from traveling in their own country in the way that they can spend more time enjoying travel itself instead of investing time in planning a trip and it enhances the nation’s economy.

To begin with, traveling in their own country is advantageous for especially those who had a lack of experience of travel. This is because it is much easier for them to plan the trip considering communication and information issues. So to speak, using the same language and being familiar with the transportation system can escape people from chances of getting lost or panicking in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, these two aspects are also helpful when people gather information about where to go for beautiful scenery and where to eat fancy meals for dinner during traveling. As a result, people who engage in traveling in their own countries use more time for feeling the air of the traveled regions. Take the example of my friend. She had never been elsewhere except her hometown until she decided to travel to different regions of her country. At first, she was worried about challenging situations she might have faced, but while traveling in her own countries, she met many amazing people who were willing to help her and recommend a bunch of places for sightseeing. She realized that she didn’t have trouble communicating with people and figuring out the map since she traveled in her own countries!

On top of that, taking trips to your own countries play a pivotal role in boosting tourism industries in your nation. Developing tourist industries create jobs and promote consumption which provides capitals in your country, and it leads to entire economy improvement. The perfect example of this my country. The country used to have a lack of tourists both from one’s own country and other nations. However, it changed little by little after the president undertook a project on improving travel facilities and services to attract members of a nation first. A lot of people in my country took part in this project to enliven the country’s tourism industries. Many tourist companies newly established and hired employers to meet demands. Thus, citizens posted their traveling experiences on social media and spread out to other countries. Now, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit my country to admire its popularity even from foreign countries.

To sum up, I admire the valuable experiences might you can get from traveling to other nations. However, it is undeniable that travel around your country attributed to gain satisfying travel and enhance its economy by reducing the rate of unemployment in tourism industries.

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