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Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cellphone, online games and social networking websites.

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the method educating the children is a vast area either we can use the traditional method, play method, discussion and the modern method is using the multimedia device. well, merits and merits of using the internet or cellphone are depend of the situation as well as individual discipline. like coin has two side, using multimedia device also have both advantages as well as dis advantages too.

first of all, if the parents properly train the kids they use the multi media devices for the study purpose , it's all about the parent train the children.for example the recent research shows that small boy age around seven years old, he was able to solve the more complicated higher school level maths easily. when researcher the parents how come it possible for him, parents reply that they were using the internet play study website for him. because of the internet use he improved hid mathematics knowledge quickly. so it good example for merits of multi media usage in study and educating the children.

secondly, previously i mentioned that a coin has two ends like that multimedia usages also have merits and demerits. now i will explain able about the disadvantage of using multi media. most the children now a days while coming the school straight way they started playing video games,play station, watching cartoon movies and misusing internet site which is not suppose to watch.

moreover they spoiling their eyes by keep on watching or playing the video games. and eventually they are using the specks that early age itself it is horrible thing. some data says that compare with 50 year before and present situation, kid wearing the eye glasses for their eye problem nearly 25 percentage of kids which was very less when compare with 50 years before . this health issue problem has to be control at any cost.

apart from the health problem they abusing the multimedia devices, when the parents are not watching them that time the started watching porn star movies which not apt for their age am right?.this further leads them to do the social deviation activities. one of my friend's son did the same thing and became very poor study and his mind set up changed lot.

to sum up, now a days educating the children and the role of multimedia is dependent on how we directing the children and their individual personality. if we directing the kids in right way and if their mind cooperate with us then they will be in right track, if not the multi media definitely spoil their education.

so i want to conclude that educating children and multimedia influence all depend on the parents direction as well as the individual personality.so multimedia has both good and bad side like a coin.

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