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TPO-01 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.Use specific reaso

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Frankly speaking, I disagree with the statement that sports and social activities should gain as much support as classes and libraries. Students will be easily distracted and misled by too much social activities since they are not mature enough. A university should create an academic atmosphere because it is the highest educational institution. Furthermore, financial support is always limited, which means there should be a preference on how to use it more effectively.

First, university students are at a critical stage of their life where their personal value and view of the whole world is establishing gradually so that they are sensitive, and easy to be misled. Too much activities would occupy their time and distract them from what they should be doing. Many students do not have the strong mind to refuse. They just take in all the information and attend all the activities they can attend and get lost when they cannot get their priority straight. More time should be engaged in studies and researches in terms of being university students.

Secondly, university should create an academic atmosphere for students and faculty. A good university stay atop because of its academic performance rather than how attracting their social activities are. A certain number of activities would be fun but too much is overwhelming. Some universities possess the most advanced and accurate equipment, striving to make huge contribution to the development of entire human-beings. The administrator of the university should highlight the significance of academic studies and make sure the environment is suitable for students to delicate themselves.

Moreover, financial support is always limited. the university must guarantee that the support is going to where they should be going regarding the wish of stakeholders. More support for sports and social activities mean less for classes and libraries. University should well organize the use of the financial support to figure out the balance between academic studies and social activities so that the benefit of the support can be maximized.

To sum up, academic research should be the priority of both the students and the university. Students should broaden their horizon and discover their own value of the world while university should create an academic and supportive environment to make sure these individual and collective developments happen. University administrators should take well-balanced advantage of the financial support as the result of the limitation of the support.

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