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TPO-33 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects.Use spe

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There are certain considerations one can take into account when investigate the issue of group and independent working in schools. Some contends that teachers should ask students to work independently on project assignments. Nevertheless, I assert that working in groups collaboratively can be much more efficient.

Working alone does possess some advantages. On one hand, working independently means that a student has to finish all the tasks within a project by himself or herself. Thus, the student can get trained in various aspects, such as critical thinking, writing, and oral presentation through this project. Obviously, this is essential for the integrated development of a student. On the other hand, working alone teaches the student to understand the importance of independent and responsibility. For instance, some students may be lazy and won't work hard within a group, but in an independent project they must rely on themselves and be responsible for their own scores. These are all benefits students could gain only from working on themselves.

However, I hold the opinion that although working individually can be beneficial, as stated before, working in a group is a much more effective way of learning for the students.

First and foremost, it is undeniable that everyone has merits and demerits. Students can make the best of what they are good at and learn from each other in group work. For example, one student good at writing can be responsible for writing the report for the project, while others who are excellent at investigation go to field trip. This makes sure each part of the project goes well in the most efficiently way, so the whole project can be finished quickly and excellent. What's more, the students can also learn from each other, so everyone makes progress together through the project. It is vividly clear that only group work brings these benefits.

Furthermore, working in a group teaches the student how to cooperate with others, which is of pivotal importance in daily society. With the rapid trend of globalization and the advancement in technology, the chances are people collaborate with others closer than ever before in almost any areas and fields. Thus, working with people from completely different background has became more and more critical. Through group work, students can learn how to respect others' ideas, how to support others and how to be a good teammate. These are all important factors that decides if a team can be success. All these can only be learned through group work instead of working alone.

Due to aforementioned evidence, students learn more efficiently by working in a group than alone, for they can learn from each other and fill their own weaknesses and at the same time, learn how to cooperate with others.

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