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Nowadays, with advancement of technology, students can search for all topics especially the history of the kingdom and countries, but some people think all universities should have history courses, but I really disagree. In my opinion, it’s should be voluntary topic and students decide themselves whether they would like to take it or not.

First, in all universities, they have international students that, don’t know about the host country history and if their major is not same as history the university must not force them to take this course. For example, I remember our family traveled to a lot of countries and I had to take my high school in Iran for 3 years. Except of their culture and government rules like as forcing us to wear hijab, I had to study all their history courses and that was awful time I’ve ever had.

Second, it has some advantages too, when students read history books, they will understand how many risks the king took or how many problems in in their culture was, and how the modernity and development of technology changed lives. For example, when I read the British history from England, they forced a 17-year-old lady to be a queen and that was ridiculous that all her uncles and paternal families tricked her to get her place for themselves, or when she fell in love with her consulted, he was old and her reason was, he just helped her and these reasons are funny for adult people of 21 centuries, but at that time, was a big fact of their lives.on the other hand, it has more interesting for all ages to watching historical movies than studying, because most of the people do not enjoy studying but, it's a great hobby for people in the world. I remember, the satellite television programs showed, Hurram sultan movie, her life to how be the wife of the Turkish kingdom, that showed her as a wonderful and powerful person in her own life and how she absorbed people to followed her as a queen.

Third,reading history also has its own merits ... Students, if they read it, will remain in their minds. For example, they learn to avoid the mistakes of the past. for example, Saudi politicians have learned that no matter how much the people are stopped and limited, they can not stop the internet and technology. So they concluded that they would give more work to the people, including women, in the community.

In conclusion, it is hard to know about history like as forcing courses in school or universities, but, when people read these books like as a novel or watching in Hollywood. I hope my examples have sufficiently expressed my opinion.

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...isks the king took or how many problems in in their culture was, and how the modernit...
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Message: Did you mean 'it's' (='it is') instead of 'its' (possessive pronoun)?
Suggestion: it's; it is
...f the people do not enjoy studying but, its a great hobby for people in the world. ...
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...earn to avoid the mistakes of the past. for example, Saudi politicians have learned...

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