Pterosaurs were an ancient group of winged reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs Many pterosaurs were very large some as large as a giraffe and with a wingspan of over 12 meters Paleontologists have long wondered whether large pterosaurs were capabl

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Pterosaurs were an ancient group of winged reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs. Many pterosaurs were very large, some as large as a giraffe and with a wingspan of over 12 meters. Paleontologists have long wondered whether large pterosaurs were capable of powered flight (flying by flapping their wings) or whether they were able only to glide. Several arguments have been made against powered flight.

Doubters point out that since modern reptiles are cold-blooded, ancient reptiles such as pterosaurs were probably cold-blooded as well. Cold-blooded animals typically have a slow metabolism and are unable to produce a lot of energy. Powered flight is an activity requiring a lot of energy, which is why all modern vertebrates that fly are warm-blooded, not cold-blooded. It seems unlikely that pterosaurs would have been able to generate the energy needed to fly.

Second, there is a limit to the weight of animals that can be kept airborne by powered flight. Pterosaurs that were as large as a giraffe were probably so heavy that they would not have been able to flap their wings fast enough to stay aloft for any length of time.

Third, all animals with powered flight are able to take off from the ground. For example, birds take off by jumping from their legs or running to gain speed and then jumping. But these methods would not have worked for large pterosaurs. Large pterosaurs would have needed big, powerful muscles in their back legs to launch themselves into the air, and we know from fossilized bones that their back leg muscles were too small and weak to allow the pterosaurs to run fast enough or jump high enough to launch themselves into the air.

The article and the lecture both deal with whether pterosaurs can fly by flapping their wings. Whilst the author claims that pterosaurs were not capable of powered flight for three reasons, the lecturer contradicts his arguments respectively.

First, according to the reading, pterosaurs as an ancient reptile which are likely to be cold blooded can not generate enough energy for powered flight. In contrast, the professor argues that evidence has shown that pterosaurs have hair around their body, indicating that they are warm-blooded. Therefore, they are able to produce enough energy required for flight.

Second, the writer states that pterosaurs are too heavy to fly. However, the lecturer questions this argument by saying that pterosaurs actually have very light body weight because of their hollow bones, which are different from commonly known bones from other animals. Thus, weight is not a problem preventing them from flying.

Last but not least, the author posits that pterosaurs cannot take off from the ground because of their small and weak back leg muscles. As opposed to the writer, the speaker points out that unlike birds which only have two legs, pterosaurs have four legs which allow them to run very fast and jump fairly high. In short, they have no trouble in taking off from the ground.

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