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TPO-29 - Integrated Writing Task Large numbers of dinosaur fossils have been discovered in deposits on Alaska's North Slope, a region that today experiences an extremely cold,arctic climate. One hundred million years ago, when those dinosaurs were alive,

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In this set of materials, both the reading passage and the lecture deal with migration hypothesis of the Edmontosaur, one of the most common North Slope dinosaurs. Regarding this topic, the author asserts that there are convincing theories to explain their migration. However, the lecture contradicts the author’s view by saying that the three theories are flawed.
First of all, according to the lecture, it is unreliable that the dinosaurs migrated to find their food resources, plants. This it because the summer weather in the North Slope site was high temperature, which could make a lot of plant to grow well with daily sunlight. Thus, the site would be provide enough plants to the dinosaur, also they could feed dead plants in winter. This counters the author’s view point that the Edmontosuar could not avoid to migrate because they had to find plants to eat in the North Slope winter.
Secondly, the lecturer goes on to say that even though the Edmontosaur lived in herb, it cannot cause to an evidence to prove the migration of the dinosaurs. For instance, one of a vital role in herb is that it allows animals to effectively protect them from their predators. However, not all animals in herb live in the same areas instead of migration. There is another example that some species that are great plant eater live in herb, but they do not migrate. This challenges the author’s claim that the Edmontosaur lived in herb by providing an evidence that several skeletons of the Edmontosaur found from the same area.
Lastly, the lecturer maintains that even he conceded that the Edmontosaur was able to migrate for long distance, it can be easily denied because the traveling long distance was not possible to the immature dinosaurs. It is clear that the young dinosaurs would be unable to reach their destinations. Thus, the Edmontosaur lived in North Slope site to survive. This rebuts the author’s argument that advanced their physical conditions allowed them to migrate long distances.

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