TPO-46 - Integrated Writing Task In the United States, medical information about patients traditionally has been recorded and stored on paper forms. However, there are efforts to persuade doctors to adopt electronic medical record systems in which informa

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The article states that there are some benefits of storing patient's medical records on electronic system rather than store them in traditional base record keeping, and it provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that they are uncertain advantages and he refutes each of the author's reasons.

First, the reading claims that it may reducing the money required for storing and transferring medical records as paper records require a significant amount of storage space but in case of computerized storing it takes no space. But the professor refutes this point by explaining that doctors still keep the papers for emergency and to be included their signature and the process of recording data electronically is always discontinue.

Second, the article posits that record electronically may reduce the errors that may occur by illegible handwriting, improper transcription of data and nonstandard organization of paper records. However, the professor opposes this point by saying that errors are always exist because the doctors prefer to use pen and paper and take notes and the electronic recording process always occur on later times and staff member may be interrupted by the doctors misunderstand writings.

Third, the reading passage says that electronic record may aiding research and give the researchers the chance to collect large amount of data from patient records. Although, the professor refutes this point by saying that the medical researchers face many difficulties because of the privacy low in the united states that make the researchers they follow restricted and hard procedures and take a permission from the patients as they could block the use of their data in medical researches.

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