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In this sets of material, both the reading and the lecture discussed ecological wood certification throughout the United States. The reading passage firmly stated that rarely do American companies will to receive the aforementioned certification. However the lecture repudiated what stated in the article resting upon fallacious premises and provides three counterclaims proofing that wood factories will eventually decide to produce ecological product.

Firstly, the reading passage claimed that American consumers do not rely on labels of products at all. The lecture contradicted this point by acknowledging that all consumers would distinguish whether the label is made by the company owners or it has been stuck to products by other independent agencies. He pointed out that actually most of consumers react favorably to labels which have been stuck on materials by international reputation agencies.

Secondly, the article argued that for the sake of financial matters consumers would prefer to buy non-ecological products. Notwithstanding, the professor highlighted that if the variation between two types of a product is not too much, it has been proved that consumers decide what to buy based on the value and the environmental factors.

Lastly, the reading contended that as American wood companies sell their products locally, producing ecological wood do not have any relation to keeping up with developments in the rest of the world. This seemed to be incorrect as explained in the lecture. The speaker articulated that if American companies do not compete by foreign companies, foreign manufacturers will occupy the wood market of the whole continent.

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rarely do American companies will to receive the aforementioned certification.
rarely do American companies want to receive the aforementioned certification.

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