ACT Science OG Test 3 - Passage II

Questions 7-12 are based on the following passage.

Aluminum water-based paints (AWPs) contain alu­minum (Al) flakes that give surfaces a shiny, metallic appearance. If the flakes corrode, a dull coating of alu­minum hydroxide forms on them:


Table 1 shows the volume of $$H_2$$ gas produced over time (at 25°C and 1 atm) from 100 mL samples of freshly made AWPs 1-3 in 3 separate trials. AWPs 1-3 were iden­tical except that each had a different concentration of DMEA, an AWP ingredient that increases pH.

The AWP 3 trial was repeated 4 times, but for each trial, the sample had the same concentration of 1 of 4 cor­rosion inhibitors (see Figure 1).

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Question 7 Based on Table 1, which of the following graphs below best shows how the volume of H₂ produced by AWP 2 changed over time?