SAT Reading - Khan Diagnostic Quiz level 1 - reading 6

Questions 1-5 are based on the following passage.

This passage is excerpted from Henry James, "Daisy Miller: A Study," originally published in 1879. The following scene describes the meeting of two Americans in a Swiss village.

"Our courier says they take you right up to the castle," the
young girl continued. "We were going last week, but my
mother gave out. She suffers dreadfully from dyspepsia. She
said she couldn't go. Randolph wouldn't go either; he says he
5 doesn't think much of old castles. But I guess we'll go this
week, if we can get Randolph."
"Your brother is not interested in ancient monuments?"
Winterbourne inquired, smiling.
"He says he don't care much about old castles. He's only
10 nine. He wants to stay at the hotel. Mother's afraid to leave
him alone, and the courier won't stay with him; so we haven't
been to many places. But it will be too bad if we don't go up
there." And Miss Miller pointed again at the Chateau de
15 "I should think it might be arranged," said Winterbourne.
"Couldn't you get someone to stay for the afternoon with
Miss Miller looked at him a moment, and then, very
placidly, "I wish YOU would stay with him!" she said.
20 Winterbourne hesitated a moment. "I should much rather
go to Chillon with you."
"With me?" asked the young girl with the same placidity.
She didn't rise, blushing, as a young girl at Geneva would
have done; and yet Winterbourne, conscious that he had been
25 very bold, thought it possible she was offended. "With your
mother," he answered very respectfully.
But it seemed that both his audacity and his respect were
lost upon Miss Daisy Miller. "I guess my mother won't go,
after all," she said. "She don't like to ride round in the
30 afternoon. But did you really mean what you said just now—
that you would like to go up there?"
"Most earnestly," Winterbourne declared.
"Then we may arrange it. If mother will stay with
Randolph, I guess Eugenio will."
35 "Eugenio?" the young man inquired.
"Eugenio's our courier. He doesn't like to stay with
Randolph; he's the most fastidious man I ever saw. But he's a
splendid courier. I guess he'll stay at home with Randolph if
mother does, and then we can go to the castle."
40 Winterbourne reflected for an instant as lucidly as
possible-"we" could only mean Miss Daisy Miller and
himself. This program seemed almost too agreeable for
credence; he felt as if he ought to kiss the young lady's hand.
Possibly he would have done so and quite spoiled the project,
45 but at this moment another person, presumably Eugenio,
appeared. A tall, handsome man, with superb whiskers,
wearing a velvet morning coat and a brilliant watch chain,
pproached Miss Miller, looking sharply at her companion.
"Oh, Eugenio!" said Miss Miller with the friendliest accent.

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