SAT Reading - Khan Diagnostic Quiz level 2 - reading 14

Questions 1-11 are based on the following passage.

This passage is excerpted from Louisa May Alcott, Rose in Bloom, originally published in 1876.

Three young men stood together on a wharf one bright
October day awaiting the arrival of an ocean steamer with
an impatience which found a vent in lively skirmishes with
a small lad, who pervaded the premises like a will-o'-the-
5 wisp and afforded much amusement to the other groups
assembled there.
"They are the Campbells, waiting for their cousin, who
has been abroad several years with her uncle, the doctor,"
whispered one lady to another as the handsomest of the
10 young men touched his hat to her as he passed, lugging the
boy, whom he had just rescued from a little expedition
down among the piles.
"Which is that?" asked the stranger.
"Prince Charlie, as he's called a fine fellow, the most
15 promising of the seven, but a little fast, people say,"
answered the first speaker with a shake of the head. "Are
the others his brothers?"
"No, cousins. The elder is Archie, a most exemplary
young man. He has just gone into business with the
20 merchant uncle and bids fair to be an honor to his family.
The other, with the eyeglasses and no gloves, is Mac, the
odd one, just out of college."
"And the boy?"
"Oh, he is Jamie, the youngest brother of Archibald,
25 and the pet of the whole family. Mercy on us he'll be in if
they don't hold on to him!"
The ladies' chat came to a sudden end just there, for by
the time Jamie had been fished out of a hogshead, the
steamer hove in sight and everything else was forgotten. As
30 it swung slowly around to enter the dock, a boyish voice
shouted, "There she is! I see her and Uncle and Phebe!
Hooray for Cousin Rose!" And three small cheers were
given with a will by Jamie as he stood on a post waving his
arms like a windmill while his brother held onto the tail of
35 his jacket.
Yes, there they were, Uncle Alec swinging his hat like a
boy, with Phebe smiling and nodding on one side and Rose
kissing both hands delightedly on the other as she
recognized familiar faces and heard familiar voices
40 welcoming her home.
"Bless her dear heart, she's bonnier than ever! Looks like
a Madonna doesn't she? with that blue cloak round her,
and her bright hair flying in the wind!" said Charlie
excitedly as they watched the group upon the deck with
45 eager eyes.
"Madonnas don't wear hats like that. Rose hasn't
changed much, but Phebe has. Why, she's a regular
beauty!" answered Archie, staring with all his might at the
dark-eyed young woman with the brilliant color and glossy
50 black braids shining in the sun.
"Dear old Uncle! Doesn't it seem good to have him
back?" was all Mac said, but he was not looking at "dear
old uncle" as he made the fervent remark, for he saw only
the slender blond girl nearby and stretched out his hands
55 to meet hers, forgetful of the green water tumbling between
During the confusion that reigned for a moment as the
steamer settled to her moorings, Rose looked down into the
four faces upturned to hers and seemed to read in them
60 something that both pleased and pained her. It was only a
glance, and her own eyes were full, but through the mist of
happy tears she received the impression that Archie was
about the same, that Mac had decidedly improved, and
that something was amiss with Charlie. There was no time
65 for observation, however, for in a moment the shoreward
rush began, and before she could grasp her traveling bag,
Jamie was clinging to her like an ecstatic young bear. She
was with difficulty released from his embrace to fall into
the gentler ones of the elder cousins, who took advantage of
70 the general excitement to welcome both blooming girls
with affectionate impartiality. Then the wanderers were
borne ashore in a triumphal procession, while Jamie
danced rapturous jigs before them even on the gangway.
Archie remained to help his uncle get the luggage
75 through the Custom House, and the others escorted the
damsels home. No sooner were they shut up in a carriage,
however, than a new and curious constraint seemed to fall
upon the young people, for they realized, all at once, that
their former playmates were men and women now.

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