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. Government should reduce their investment in arts, music and painting. Agree or disagree?

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Nowadays, there is an ongoing debate among people on the investment done by the government in the art field. It can be strongly agreed that the government should not decrease the fund in the art field, while on the other hand stands a perspective that investing in the art field is just a wastage of money. This essay will further elaborate on both the sides and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

At the outset, there are innumerable reasons why the management should invest in art. The most preponderant one stems from the fact that by investing in the field of art the nation can not only raise the awareness of their culture among foreign countries, but it can also help the nation to pass their cultural values and tradition from one generation to another. As an illustration, the research in this area invariably shows that the main factor behind preserving the cultural values and customs in India is the great investments in the field of art. For this reason, the benefit of utilising money in the sector of art should not be ignored.

Notwithstanding, some tends to believe that government should decrease their investments in arts, music and painting areas. This is because, instead of focusing on the art field the management should focus on other areas like as, healthcare, education, and public transport. For example, according to the recent survey done by the Sydney University revealed that the main reason for the fast development in the USA and Canada is fewer investments in the field of art.

In view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that despite having some drawbacks, the role of investing money in the art field in preserving culture is instrumental indeed.

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