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PTE Exam

Hi all,

Have you guys booked your exam date? I have booked mine on 25th June. Hoping for the best. The pte has provided me with one discount code which offers 10% discount on booking pte exam.So if anyone of you need just let me know. I am not confirmed whether I can share this with all of you or only one. Let me get clear with the Pearson first. How is preparation going on for all of you.
Happy study:)


I am not ready yet for PTE nowadays, but still I thank you.

I realized that there are much less study resources, forums, blogs for PTE compared to IELTS. I am still wondering whether PTE is a good choice.


PTE will be a better choice, I would suggest. And there are lots of practice materials you can get on several websites. I recommend you to follow these sites and pick the best material from all of this. Anyhow you have to practice. First of all buy one package from E2language.com (Best one for PTE preparation) they have enough material to practice and moreover, if you are based out of India then you can take the live classes also with their tutors.

List of websites and channels on you tube for PTE:

1. PTE Gold
2. Target PTE
3. PTE lab
4. D2L
5. pteexampreparation.com
6. Practicepte.com (you can give first two pte practice test and can buy more.)
7. ptepractice.com (official site for pearson) - you can buy either silver or gold kit before exam and can evaluate yourself
by giving these exams by your score achieved.
8. E2language

You can also listen to VOA news, TED talk for listening and repeat sentence and visit some articles like sciencedaily.com, New York time,national geographic, BBC etc.

I hope this will help you out a lot.

Happy study:)