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For American Factory Towns, Loss of Good-Paying Jobs Hurts the Most AS IT IS
Egypt’s President Struggles with Islamic State in Sinai AS IT IS
Report: Saudi Will Develop Nuclear Bomb if Iran Does AS IT IS
US Targets 'Cyber Actors' as Russians Prepare for Presidential Elections AS IT IS
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Remembering the Halabja Massacre VOA Standard English
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Students Across US Walk Out to Protest Gun Violence AS IT IS
Legendary Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at 76 In the News
Britain Expels 23 Russian Diplomats In the News
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Claims, Mistrust Hurting Brazil’s Yellow Fever Vaccine Campaign AS IT IS
Japan’s Abe: North Korea Must ‘Match Words with Actions’ AS IT IS
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U.S. Advocates for Religious Minorities VOA Standard English
Alaska Officials Use DNA to Help Count City Moose AS IT IS
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China-ASEAN Exercises Expected to Ease Tension and Risks AS IT IS
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Bringing Peace to Afghanistan VOA Standard English
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Study: Rich Cities Largely Responsible for Greenhouse Gases AS IT IS
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