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U.S. Foreign-Born Population Rises to Highest in a Century AS IT IS
Trump Administration Proposes Limiting Refugees to Record Low AS IT IS
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Vietnamese President Dies at 61 AS IT IS
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Highly Prized Fish Makes a Return AS IT IS
US 'Likely' Returns as World's Top Oil Producer AS IT IS
North Korean Leader Wants New Talks with Trump AS IT IS
India Bans Traditional Muslim 'Instant' Divorce AS IT IS
Supreme Court Nominee to Speak on Sexual Assault Accusation AS IT IS
North Korea Offers to Close Missile Testing Center, Launch Area AS IT IS
The Crazy Success Behind 'John's Crazy Socks' VOA Standard English
World’s First Hydrogen Trains Launch in Germany Science in the News
'Game of Thrones,' 'Mrs. Maisel' Top Emmy Awards Trending Today
South Korean Delegation Begins First Day of Talks in North Korea AS IT IS
SpaceX Announces First Private Passenger for Moon Trip AS IT IS
UN: Half of Young Teenagers Face Violence or Bullying in School Education Report
'Speaking Up' to Prevent Child Marriage in Bangladesh AS IT IS
Volkswagen to End Production of Famous Beetle AS IT IS
Deadly Typhoon Weakens After Hitting Philippines, China AS IT IS
Mattis Accuses Russia of Interfering in Macedonian Vote AS IT IS
Study: Not Enough Exercise Leads to Sickness Health Report
Like Netflix, Car Subscription Services Now Growing in Popularity AS IT IS
Zambia Continues to Borrow as its Debt to China Rises AS IT IS
Japanese Prime Minister Wishes to Change Constitution to Create Military Forces AS IT IS
Tel Aviv Beats Out Jerusalem for 2019 Eurovision AS IT IS
Should Korean Leaders Discuss Nuclear Issue or Military Tensions? AS IT IS
Amazon Reaches for the Stars VOA Standard English
Afghan ‘Charlie Chaplin’ Gives People a Reason to Laugh AS IT IS
'Curiosity Killed the Cat' Words And Their Stories
Parents, Leaders Work to End 'Hazing' at US Colleges Education Report
Foods We Count...or Don't VOA Standard English
Trump’s Former Campaign Chief to Cooperate with Investigation AS IT IS
Girl Soccer Player Faces Gender Rule in Argentina VOA Standard English
Huge Device Aims to Capture Pacific Ocean’s Plastic Garbage VOA Standard English
Forming Questions, Part 2: Yes or No Questions Everyday Grammar
Proposal to Create Whale Sanctuary Defeated AS IT IS
Super Typhoon Mangkhut to Hit Philippines, Southeast Asia AS IT IS
Afghanistan Peace Talks Stuck on Issue of US Bases AS IT IS
Russians Accused of Poisoning Former Spy Appear on Russian TV AS IT IS
Three New Fish Species Found in Pacific Ocean Science in the News
US Open Umpire Makes First Public Statement Trending Today
Russian Claims of ‘Biggest-Ever’ War Exercises Seen as Sending a Message AS IT IS