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UN: Afghan Opium Production Has Dropped AS IT IS
Leader of Japanese-French Car Alliance Arrested AS IT IS
Former New York Mayor Gives $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins University Education Report
Mushroom Hunting Gains Popularity in US Health Report
Colombia’s Ex-Rebels Turn Tour Guides AS IT IS
Kyrgyz Women Working on Country’s First Satellite AS IT IS
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Gene-edited Food Will Arrive Soon, But Will People Eat It? VOA Standard English
Study: Auto Assist Systems Struggle in Real-World Situations VOA Standard English
Popular Indian Café Run by Unlikely Workers AS IT IS
Venezuelan Beauty Contestants Represent Other Countries AS IT IS
Current, Former Students Sue Dartmouth College Over Sex Abuse Accusations AS IT IS
Who Is the 'Breadwinner' in Your Family? Words And Their Stories
US College IT Services Face Serious Spending Limits, Study Finds Education Report
Ask a Teacher: Between and Among VOA Standard English
Remembering Paradise, a Town Destroyed by Fire AS IT IS
Judge: White House Must Return CNN Reporter's Press Document AS IT IS
Oxford’s Word of the Year Is…Toxic Words And Their Stories
How to Make a Complaint in English Everyday Grammar
Ford, Walmart to Work on Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles AS IT IS
‘Mother Mushroom’ to Receive Press Freedom Award AS IT IS
Bangladesh Halts Plan to Return Refugees to Myanmar AS IT IS
Can You Copyright the Taste of Food? Trending Today
Indonesia’s Goal of Food Sovereignty Remains a Work in Progress AS IT IS
Rohingya Fearful of Modern Medicine, Keep Faith Healers in Business AS IT IS
Officials: About 100 People Still Missing after California Fires AS IT IS
Historic Kilogram Weight Measure to Be Replaced VOA Standard English
Love for Stan Lee on Social Media and More Trending Today
Natural Gas to Overtake Coal by 2030 AS IT IS
US Vice President, Japan’s Leader Discusses Trade, North Korea AS IT IS
CNN Sues Trump, Demands Return of Reporter’s Pass AS IT IS
Number of International Students Coming to US Continues to Drop Education Report
Huge Center Brings Performance Art to Southern Taiwan AS IT IS
China to Pass France as Most-Visited County by 2030 AS IT IS
Robots to ‘Fight’ in US Grocery War AS IT IS
Crocus Fields and Saffron Trade Growing in Greece AS IT IS
More than 30 Dead in California Fires AS IT IS
Spanking Children Causes Long-term Harm Health Report
Experts: Puerto Rico in Danger Without Disaster Plan AS IT IS
United States Congress Explained VOA Standard English
Rising Seas Force Changes on Historic Farms Science in the News
United Nations Report Says Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Healing Science in the News
Netflix Plans More Movies, TV from Asia AS IT IS
Lion Air Crash Brings Attention to Growth, Safety AS IT IS
Why Is 'Cream of the Crop' the Best of the Best? Words And Their Stories
Pizza Museum Serves Up 'Tasty' Art VOA Standard English
US National Average Data Removed from ‘College Scorecard’ Education Report
Ask a Teacher: Sentence or Statement? VOA Standard English
Family and Allies of Former Thai Leaders Form New Party AS IT IS
Indonesian Cave Picture Said to be 40,000 Years Old AS IT IS