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Follow six steps to become VIP readers:

1. Click the button 'Add to cart', this will bring you to the Shopping cart page.

2. In the Shopping cart page, click the button 'Checkout', this will bring you to the Checkout page.

3. In the Checkout page, click the button 'Review order', this will bring you to the Review order page.

4. In the Review order page, click the button 'Pay with PayPal', this will bring you to the payment page.

5. In the payment page, you can make a payment by your PayPal account, or by your credit card by click the button 'Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later'.

6. After the payment is finished and confirmed by PayPal, you will be VIP users in a few minutes.

Let us know if you have more questions.

I want to pay for the vip access, but the system just allows to pay with a paypal account. I would like to pay with my debit card. Please let me know how to pay with my card.
Thank you

i try to registered with vip readers but couldn't , dont know why? plz help me for that. i have paypal account and i am having debit card .i am from india


I have an aim to be the one of VIP readers in 12 months. Is there any way I should do to pay the bills, instead of taking such a Paypal. FYI, I'd like to pay via money transfer, if I could. Thanks.

Your sincerely,

From Indonesia

Dear testbig,

I have the same issue. I like to be VIP members for 6 month, but i couldn't pay by Paypal. I am from Iran. Can you help me? I really like the site.

Thank you,
Ali tayebi

Well, we got the point. After users made a payment, sometime it takes a while (maybe half an hour) for PayPal to process and confirm.

But most time, you could be VIP members immediately after the payment.

Still we are sorry for the delay.

testbig admin

I want to subscribe as a VIP user but I don't have a credit card and paypal. Can I transfer through bank please? I have my GRE exams in 15 days and I really need help with the essays. please help!

Hi, Thank you but I cannot pay by credit card .Every time I try to confirm my order, Payment through Paypal is already selected and I cannot uncheck that box and click on other options.please help! :(

Dear Admin,

I already paid for 3-month membership, but after a few minutes, my account is still regular member. If you don't mind please check. Thanks

Best Regards,

Bocah Nakal

Hi, I want to subscribe as a VIP user, but there is no Paypal here in Bangladesh. How should I pay? I have VISA card.

Need to activate my vippasana user account,
But have no Paypal or credit card, I can transfer money from the bank or even debit card..
Exam in 15 day, need to start submitting immediately.. Kindly help..
Reply awaited as soon as possible ..
Thank u

i want to buy a vip user account. but in the payment part the pnly avtive option is paypal and there is no other option or check box or radio button for visa or master cart or debit card.
please guide me how can i pay that?
i dont have any paypal account.

I would like to register for VIP user and is it possible to use debit card? Thanks.

There used to be a specific method for the payment of Iranian people. Does it still work? (for becoming a VIP user)


I am a testbig VIP user but I still cannot access full essays. Please advise on what todo.

There is an issue on PayPal side and the company has solved it. Now you are VIP users:

rbutalid has been granted the VIP3 role. It will expire on 12/16/2016 - 08:41

testbig financial support

Hi I made three months VIP payment twice but still I am not a VIP.
I am pretty sure that I made my payment by Paypal and it succeed.
Could you help solve my problem? I am in hurry!

Hi I made three months VIP payment twice but still I am not a VIP.
I am pretty sure that I made my payment by Paypal and it succeed.
Could you help solve my problem? I am in hurry!

Hi, tinaaaaa, we called PayPal and got the reason. We recently changed the primary email address of PayPal, but PayPal still send the money to the old email address. The solution is: login to your PayPal account and cancel the payments you did to testbig, and after that you can go testbig:

and make a payment again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
testbig finance support