TPO 02 - Question 1 Choose a place you go to often that is important to you and explain why it is important. Please include specific details in your explanation.

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1. try to use 'first', 'second' to better organize the content

2. try not to repeat words or phrases, like: 'often', 'fun'

3. try not to use 'it is really....'

Use them for sure because it helps better organize the content. If not, the first reason 'for fun' is for the whole topic? or only for the first reason? is not clear.

The following users got 26 to 29 in the TOEFL speaking. All of them are asked to use 'First, Second', however, only need to use 'First, Second', don't need to use any other transition words in Q1/Q2 in order to foucs on the main contents.…