TPO 20 - Question 1 Choose a quality you think makes someone a valuable member of a team. Explain why you think it is an important quality for a team or group member to have.

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need to organize the content better. better to use: 'first', 'second' to organize content. Try this pattern for Q1-Q2:

first 1-2 sentences: introduction. my opinion: A or B. agree or disagree. about 5 seconds

First, reason 1 (1 sentence) + why reason 1 (some arguments. 1-2 sentence) + advantages of reason 1( 1-2 sentence). // about 20 seconds

Second, reason 2 (1 sentence) + why reason 2 (some arguments. 1-2 sentence) + advantages of reason 2 ( 1-2 sentence). // about 20 seconds

Conclusion: Don't need a conclusion. (you can have one only when you don't have something to talk about)

An example (Eating at home or restaurant) for First:
First,reason 1 (1 sentence: Eating at home can save money) + why reason 1(some arguments. 1-2 sentences: I can prepare cheaper food from food market; I don't need to drive or take a bus to reach the restaurant;) + small conclusions ( 1-2 sentences: with the money I saved, I can buy a good book to read; I can use the money for a trip...).