TPO 03 - Question 2 Some students prefer to work on class assignments by themselves. Others believe it is better to work in a group. Which do you prefer? Explain why.

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When you use personal experience as examples, you are going to make a big story and take a lot of content. well, we are expecting more arguments from the speaking.

To get 26 or over, you will need to study this formula often:

High marks = fluency + good content + more content.

fluency: talk fluently and smoothly. no any hesitations

good content: means talk right on the point. That's the reason we don't' like personal experience as examples. We are looking for more arguments.

more content: talk quickly with simplicity. Remove any unnecessary words/phrases.

The following users got 26 to 29 in the TOEFL speaking. Listen and get tips from them:…