TPO 08 - Question 3

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TPO 08 - Question 3

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The school is planning to play classical music during lunch hour in the student cafeteria to give students a chance to relax and encourage more face to face conversations between students. In the conversation, the man disagrees with the school’s plan for the following reasons. First of all, students aren’t looking for a relaxing time during the break, they are either busy preparing for upcoming exams or working on assignments. Second, most students don’t even like classical music. If the school played this kind of music, that will encourage even more students to bring their MP3 players to school, therefore even fewer students will be talking to each other.

1. Did you read this article?
2. Are they serious?
3. Yeah, I think so, why?
4. Well, first of all, a lot of kids aren't looking for a relaxing break at lunch time.
5. They like to study while they eat, especially if they have exams coming up or some assignment they have to get done.
6. Yeah, that's true.
7. And now they won't to be able to concentrate.
8. This is gonna be very distracting.
9. Hm, ok, yeah, I see your point.
10. And second, most students don't like classical music.
11. It's certainly not what I listen to.
12. So are people going to stop listening to their own music?
13. No.
14. I think people are going to be even more likely to bring their mp3 player, you know, to play their own music and block out the classical stuff.
15. Yeah, that makes sense.