TPO 11 - Question 3

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TPO 11 - Question 3

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The school is planning to renovate the on campus housing to encourage more students to live on campus. In the conversation, the woman disagrees with the school’s plan for two reasons. First, she thinks that the construction will create too much noise, students who are trying to sleep or do work are going to be disturbed. So even more people will get as far away as possible. Second, the school is planning to raise the cost of on campus housing after the construction, that will discourage students from moving back on campus. No one will be willing to move back if they can rent an apartment for less money off campus.

1. The college is making a mistake with this new plan.
2. What do you mean?
3. I think it'll really help accomplish the college's goals.
4. Don't be so sure.
5. All that construction for two years?
6. It's gonna create a lot of noise.
7. Well you mean in the beginning, for students still living in the dorms.
8. Yeah, students who are trying to sleep or do work are constantly going to be disturbed.
9. So people will try to get as far away as possible, probably by moving off campus.
10. So they'll lose even more people.
11. Huh, I hadn't thought of that.
12. But still, once all construction is over, more people will probably want to live in the dorms, right?
13. I mean, the living conditions will be so much better.
14. If they can afford to.
15. Do you know how the college is planning on paying for this plan by raising the cost of campus housing?
16. I didn't realize that.
17. Yeah.
18. So if it's more expensive, why would people want to move back into the dorms if they can rent an apartment for less money?