TPO 16 - Question 3

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TPO 16 - Question 3

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The student proposal suggests that changes need be made to improve the Student Health Center. She thinks they should hire more doctors and keep the center open seven days a week. The man disagrees with the proposal for the following reasons. First of all, the real problem is the lack of space. He thinks the center should build more treatment rooms or office instead of hiring more doctors. Second, students don’t stay on campus on the weekends, they leave two or get away. Keeping the center open is a waste of resource because no one’s there during the weekends.

1. Did you read that letter in the paper?
2. Sure, and though she's right about the problems, I don't think what she proposes will do much good.
3. Really?
4. Yeah, take her first suggestion.
5. I mean, have you seen the health center?
6. Of course, why?
7. Well, it's tiny, right?
8. The center suffers from lack of space, so unless they built more treatment rooms or offices or something…
9. Now, I see.
10. And also, he second suggestion….
11. Seems like that'll help things out.
12. Well, not necessarily, I mean, think about it.
13. A lot of students aren't even here on the weekends.
14. That's true.
15. They leave town and get away.
16. There is not a lot of people there.
17. Yeah, like me.
18. I go home probably at least twice a month.
19. Right and a lot of use leave campus for the weekend even more often than that.
20. So there is just not a lot of demand for treatment then.
21. See what I mean?