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I said, she mentioned in the conversation. I didn't say he mention.

if anything wrong let me so that I can correct my mistakes. And, tell me what exact word I am supposed to use.

every time here I am average of 24.55 out of 30 whereas in real exam it is not going more than 20 out of 30 why it so?
I am physical therapist to visa screening certificate I need 26 in speaking that is must for me. could you please help me out regarding this issue?

According to the formula:

High marks = fluency + good content + more content.

You can can talk fluently and we don't have problems to understand you, so there is no issues on 'fluency'

for 'good content', we realized that you repeat some words or phrases in Q1/Q2, you are good at Q3/Q5, but you lost some details in Q4/Q6

and your big issue is 'more content'. You don't speak quickly, so you don't develop enough content compared to other users. But it is weird to know that you only got 20 out of 30 in TOEFL, you should be around 24 in 30.

We want you listen more to this user:

who got 29, your speaking style is actually like him. and we don't think he is much greater than you. but the mark between you and him is greatly different. (there is a question mark for us too)

Any way we would suggest you nowadays do more listening to top users who got over 26, and compare your speakings to their speakings. and try to figure out (analyze and summarize) how to improve. :…

after listen to their speakings, you can put comments and let us know your ideas.
for next step practice, we want you submit more Q1/Q2 first, they don't need to be from TPO, you can find general topics here:

to start.

Listen to this user:

she got 26 in speaking:

she failed a lot of times to reach 26 before she came to testbig, so her experience may help you and we asked her practice Q1/Q2 at the beginning too.

hi good morning, first of all, I want thank you for your detail reply. My problem q1 and q2 question are kind of imagine something and talk about it, that is why I feel difficulty whereas rest of question pattern at least it has base or hinds for that particular topic. I will follow your instruction step by step and I will do my level best.

Thank you.