TPO 11 - Question 4

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TPO 11 - Question 4

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In the lecture, the professor talks about the works of outsider artist Henry Darger. Darger lived and worked by himself in a Chicago apartment, no one saw or responded to his work while he was alive, and his works are very unique. Because Darger never received any proper training, he had difficulty painting human figures, his solution was to cut out pictures of people from newspapers and magazines and pasted them onto his painting. As a result, his work sometimes look strange. Also, because his works are filled with details, they look rather crowded. It’s also a lot longer than the works of most other artists, sometimes nine feet long.

1. All right, so let's consider the work of the outsider artist - Henry Darger.
2. Darger lived by himself in a tiny apartment in Chicago in the 1900s.
3. He had no friends and spent all his spare time there alone creating hundreds of paintings and drawings.
4. He had never formally studied art and kept his work completely private, so no one ever saw it or responded to it during his lifetime.
5. And so when you see Darger's work, you notice how unique it is.
6. It doesn't remind you of anything you've ever seen before.
7. It's very much his own.
8. For example, one piece - it's a water color painting.
9. In this piece he illustrates a story about the adventures of seven children.
10. But see, Darger had a really hard time drawing human figures, yet he managed to come up with his own rather unique solution for the problem.
11. He simply cut out pictures of children from newspapers and magazines and pasted them into his own painted illustration of trees, flowers and grass.
12. The results look...umm…a little strange.
13. Darger's picture looks more-cluttered, more crowded with details than the pictures of other artists because its entire surface's painted and there are no spaces left empty.
14. It's also a lot longer than the pictures of most other artists, about nine feeing long.