TPO 15 - Question 5

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TPO 15 - Question 5

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The woman’s problem is that she needs to perform in a concert but her white shirt is stained with dinner sauce. The first solution is for her to wear an cream-colored shirt to the concert, or she can take her roommate’s white shirt and use it first. I think the first solution is better for the following reasons. First of all, a cream colored shirt will look almost the same as a white shirt under the bring stage light, very few people will be able to make out the differences. Also, the second solution is not a good idea because it’s not polite to take other people’s belonging without asking.

1. Hey, Kerry, what's the matter?
2. Well you know I'm in a choir, right?
3. And we have a concert tonight in an hour, just an hour from now?
4. I know, and I am going.
5. Really looking forward to hearing you sing.
6. What's the trouble?
7. Well are all supposed to wear white shirts and black pants at the concert, you know, so we all look the same.
8. Right?
9. Well I wore my white shirt to dinner.
10. And I split spaghetti source all over it.
11. Oh no.
12. Yeah…there is a huge red stain on it.
13. I can't wear it for the concert now.
14. It's the only white shirt I have and there is no time to go to the store to buy another one.
15. Wow, what are you going to do?
16. Well I just called the choir director and he is obviously unhappy about all this.
17. But I told him about another shirt I have, It's not exactly white, not white like the others, sort of off white, sort of cream colored?
18. And he says it's ok for me to wear it but….
19. But it's not exactly the same color as the others.
20. Right, I'll feel kind of funny.
21. Some people in the audience would probably be able to tell.
22. Um….Don't any of the other choir members have an extra white shirt you could borrow?
23. No, I've already asked around.
24. But my roommate has one.
25. Great!
26. Use hers.
27. Well the thing is she's out of town.
28. I've tried calling her but haven't been able to reach her.
29. She probably wouldn't mind, but you know I've never borrowed any of her stuff before, and I really don't like taking things without asking.