TPO 16 - Question 5

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TPO 16 - Question 5

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The man’s problem is that he needs to read a required book before the next Tuesday but none of the bookstores in the campus area had it in stock. There are two possible solutions. The first is placing a rush order with bookseller on the internet. The second solution is sharing the woman’s copy until he can buy one from the bookstore. I think the second solution is better for the following reasons. First of all, he can save a lot of money, because rush orders are very expensive, sometimes twice as expensive. Second, he can work out a system with woman. As long as they are careful, no one’s going to miss the reading.

1. Hey Steve, did you get that book on the Russian Revolution professor Harper wants us to read?
2. No, one of the bookstores in the campus area had it in stock.
3. They will get it in about two weeks.
4. Hmm…so what are you goona do in the meantime?
5. Remember we are going to be discussing the book starting next Tuesday.
6. Well, I was thinking of placing a rush order with a bookseller on the internet, so I'd have the book in about a day or two.
7. Yeah, but rush order delivery is expensive.
8. You could easily spend twice as much money for the book that way.
9. I know, but what choice do I have?
10. Well since we only have to read a few chapters at a time, you are welcome to share my copy for a few weeks, you know, until you can get yours at the book store.
11. You mean, you would read the chapters assigned, give the book to me, I would read those chapter then give the book back to you to read the next set of chapters, and so on?
12. Exactly.
13. Thanks!
14. But, what if I don't get the book back to you in time?
15. Wouldn't you get behind your reading?
16. Yeah, maybe, but is should work if we are careful.