TPO 19 - Question 5

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TPO 19 - Question 5

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In the dialogue, the woman has a problem with her schedule. She was supposed to take a Chinese History course on the same day she should be teaching in a local school. And she has two solutions, the first one is to drop out of the course, and chose it in a different semester, the second one is to change her teaching schedule and teach other group of kids. I think the woman should take the second suggestion. Because as she has mentioned, the Chinese History course was taught by a visiting professor, who only came to the school for this semester, and since his class was amazing, she shouldn’t miss it. Second, even though she will be teaching the elder kids as her career, it won’t hurt her to teach the smaller kids, for they can provide you with a more creative vision, and a more active class atmosphere. What’s more, it’s very important for a teacher to handle students from all age levels, instead of a single level. so I personally suggest her to take the second suggestion.

1. How is it going Mary?
2. Got your schedule all worked out for this semester?
3. It's coming together.
4. Actually I just heard about my student teaching assignment.
5. Teaching assignment.
6. You are student teaching?
7. Yeah, you know I am majoring in education, so one of the requirements is to teach for a semester in a classroom, usually at the local school in town.
8. We help teach the kids at school one day a week.
9. I just got my class assignment.
10. Well, that's good.
11. Yeah, but I've got a scheduling problem.
12. Ah oh.
13. The day I have been assigned to teach at the school in town will be the same day my Chinese history course meets here at the university.
14. Hmmm, well, could you wait to take the Chinese history course?
15. Sign up for it another semester or something.
16. Yeah, but this one is taught by Doctor Zhang.
17. He is a visiting professor.
18. He will only be here one semester, and he is supposed to do be amazing.
19. I am really interested in the class since I might be visiting China.
20. Is there another option?
21. Yeah, actually, the teaching assignment is on a day when I will be working with older kids, teenagers, but the school also needs a student teacher to work in a classroom with little kids like five and six year olds and it is on a different day when I am free.
22. So I could do it.
23. So you could change your teaching assignment to a different day.
24. Yeah.
25. It's just that I really want to teach older kids.
26. Oh.
27. I am planning on teaching older kids when I graduate.
28. So it would be better experience for me, for my career.