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TPO 44 - Question 5

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Listen to a conversation between two students

    Man : Hey, didn't you get the new roommate recently? Linda is her name, right? How's that working out?

    Woman : oh, Linda is nice, but well, that is sort of problem .

    Man : oh?

    Woman : Yeah, our schedules are totally conflict. I'd like to do my studying late in the night at our room but she likes to go to sleep early. So unfortunately, my studying, my typing on the computer is keeping her awake.

    Man : What are you gonna do?

    Woman : Wow, we have talked about it. When she has to get up early every morning for class so there is nothing she can do. So as I see it, I got two options.

    Man : What are they ?

    Woman : Wow, I could adjust my schedule, start going to get up earlier and doing my studying either in the morning or sometimes during the day the way Linda does.

    Man : So you change your daily schedule so it's more like your roommate's?

    Woman : Yeah, that way I wouldn't be keeping her up in night.

    Man : Sure.

    Woman : The thing is I'm not really a morning person when I come to studying. So I'm not sure how much work I get done in the morning or at other times of the day since I tend to be busy then doing other things.

    Man : What is your other option?

    Woman : Well, I could go to the library at night and do my studying there.

    Man : Why not do that? Use the library ?

    Woman : Well, the thing is I prefer the convenience in my own room. The Library is ok but you know I got really comfortable desk and chair in my room and all my other stuffs are there too. My books, my notes, the stuff I really need to help me study.



The woman has a problem with her roommate: they have completely different schedules.

Then the woman come up with two suggestions. Suggestion one is that she catches up with Linda’s schedule. Suggestion two is that she can go to library at night.

Personally speaking, I prefer the first solution. This is because she can study either in the morning or afternoon and go to sleep earlier. In addition, her own room are more convenient and comfortable. She can easily use the stuff to help her study.

1、key points:

  summarize the problem, state which solution you would recommend, explain the reasons.

  2、key answering points:

  (1)summarize the problem

  (2)state which solution you would recommend

  (3)explain the reasons for your recommendation

  3、lecture points:

  (1)The woman has got a problem living with her new roommate Linda since their schedules totally conflict.

  (2)Linda has to get up early every morning for class so there’s nothing she can do. But the woman has two solutions.

  (3)The first one is that she changes her schedule to adjust to Linda’s. But she is not a morning person and she is not sure it will help her get work done.

  (4)The second one is go to library at night but she prefers the convenience of her own room.


  (1) change her schedule

  1)Early to bed , early to rise. It is a good life habit for health.

  2)Although she might be occupied with other things in the day, she could do study in the time that she saves through changing the schedule as long as she plans them well in advance.

  (2) go to library at night

  1) Convenience at her own room may not be good for the efficiency of study since concentration will be distracted. So going to library will be a good choice.

  2) The atmosphere in library will be good for study, and she could turn to enough documents in the library when she has problems.