U.S. Condemns Actions of Houthis

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This week, Yemeni president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi dismissed his Cabinet, called for the formation of a national unity government, and partially reversed an earlier decision to lift all fuel subsidies. He has taken all of these measures in a bid to restore calm to his country, which of late has been wracked by a prolonged standoff with Houthi rebels who have seized Yemeni government territory, set up checkpoints and armed camps in the capital, and called for the toppling of the government.

The United States joins the United Nations Security Council and the international community in strongly condemning the actions taken by the Houthis, led by Abdul Malik al Houthi and those who support them. Their actions seek to undermine the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, political transition process and Yemen's stability.

In particular, the U.S. condemns the Houthi's provocative, aggressive, and destabilizing actions and incitement against the government of Yemen, the establishment of armed camps in and around the capital of Sana'a, and their continued illegitimate control of Amran.

The United States calls on the Houthis to immediately dismantle their armed camps and checkpoints in and around Sana'a; withdraw their forces from Amran, return Amran to the government’s control, and return the weapons looted from the 310th Brigade compound; implement ceasefires in all conflict areas to prevent further violence from destabilizing the transition process; and cooperate with the government of Yemen's efforts to achieve a sustainable and peaceful political resolution to the current conflict, consistent with the GCC Initiative and National Dialogue recommendations.

The United States commends President Hadi's continued efforts as he leads Yemen in implementing the GCC Initiative and National Dialogue recommendation. The U.S. calls on the Houthis, and all parties to participate peacefully in Yemen's transition process, which offers a historic opportunity to build an inclusive system of governance that ensures a stable and prosperous future for all Yemenis. The United States remains firmly committed to supporting President Hadi and all Yeminis in this endeavor.