You are hereDo you agree or disagree that we can ingnore the environment for the economic growth

Do you agree or disagree that we can ingnore the environment for the economic growth

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By Mango woo - Posted on 03 July 2013

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Do you agree or disagree that we can ingnore the environment for the economic growth

In recent decades, China's economy has been undergoing a revival, which can be seen in the increasing GDP. However, our environment has been destroyed considered as the payment to the high speed growth. The river becomes dirtier with many kinds of pollutaints, less trees grow on the mountain, the air quality has decreased sharply. The fundamental of enhancing economy is providing enough substance for construction, consumption, and delivery. As a resault, the natural resources are declining, the pollutants are pouring out to the river and atmosphere. We are in a dilemma to choose from protection of earth or high GDP.Then the question is raised that can we ignore the environment for the sake of economic growth? As far as I'm concerned, the answer is definitely no.

If we can view this problem in the long term perspective, It's the environment should be put in the first place. There's only one earth that we can live on and have to leave it to our descendants. If we have used all the resources, what can we leave to our children? How about children's children? The developed economy is unsignificant without substance to be used. We can imagine that they will live in the empty house eating the artificial food and breath the dirty air. Hence,we have to prevent human beings from this future from now on. We will be punished one day for regardless of the nature. For example, a small town in my hometown, they gained wealth by papermaking, they pour the abandoned red water into the river. Consequently, not only have the fish in the river disappeared, but also have their citizen's life been badly influenced. Althougt they have made money from creating the paper, they paid more in the future.

Furthermore, there's a solution so-called"green economy" , which means developing under the protection of our surounding. This method has combined the economic growth with the environmental progress. It's possible for us to keep balance of our two aims. There's many negative instances, in China, thousands of buildings have exist merely several years whereas the plan is many decades. The government will unboubtly
spare many stuff if they build it in more technical way. If we can change the plastic bag into the fabric bag whenever we are shopping, this will also contribute to the protection. From my viewpoint, only if all of human beings implement the "green economy", can it be really achieved.

In short, It's much wiser for us to consider about the environment before undertaking projects for economic growth.

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