TPO 11 - Question 3

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TPO 11 - Question 3

Housing Renovations Planned

Over the last ten years, the number of Central College students living on campus in dormitories has decreased by twenty percent. In an effort to counteract the trend, the college has announced a plan to renovate its on-campus housing. The renovations will take two years, and they will include improvements to the bathrooms, lighting, and heating in the dormitories. "A lot of people are moving off campus because the dorms aren‘t in great shape," explained the college president. "By renovating the dorms, we can make them more appealing than off-campus housing, and more students will choose to remain on campus."

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But I set my microphone on the highest level and I speak loud and I hear my voices well in my computer!

if you do not hear good my voices can I write my speaking and type it too?