TPO 43 Question 3

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TPO 43 - Question 3

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Before, the university offered a two-day hiking to freshmen before classes begin. Now the university decides to make a change. Students can make a choice between hiking and group game, and the activity will only last one day. The man thinks it's a good idea. First, not all students like the same activity, some may not like to live in a tent so they may miss such a good opportunity. Second, a two-day activity is too long because freshmen are busy before the beginning of the semester, they need to buy books, set up dorms and prepare for new courses. It's better to give them one day to do these things.

The announcement is about the university will set up one day for hiking or participate in group game for the new freshmen before the beginning of their classes on the weekend.instead of two days hiking and camping.The man agrees and supports this change for two main reasons first reason is kind of change as not all the people like the same thing either hiking or camping and sleeping in a tent.a second reason is the weekend students will be busy and have a lot to do like buying books,or setting their dorms or prepare their classes that's why the man support his stance.