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How appearance affects on job success.

Essay topics: How appearance affects on job success.

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We live in modern society where the majority of people put a lot of efforts to build a happy life and successful career. A person has to meet certain criteria to find a good job. It is undeniable that the education is the most crucial aspect in finding a job. However, there are other aspects like communication skills and physical appearance. In my personal view, the importance of an outstanding resume cannot be overstated. Despite this, our appearance is determining factor for a successful job interview.

At first, it is clear that we prefer to be hired because of their abilities and skills, not because of their dress and outward form. Because we think that our knowledge and the ability to show them are enough to build a career. It seems to them that the inner beauty is the most important thing in person.

Apart from this, in the recent job market, employers potentially have many qualified candidates who want to be hired by them. In this way your appearance might play a crucial role in being selected for the job you are seeking.

Moreover, it is very important to appear like a man who will be responsible, clever, serious and dedicated in his work. Being mindful of the way you dress, behave and speak to ensure you come across as a professional individual is the best way to influence the consequence of your job interview in a positive way.

Considering that both intelligence and competence are very important to success, and a person’s physical appearance can help their ability to succeed, the following conclusion may be drawn. People should find the golden mean between the importance of appearance and inner beauty and do not overestimate one aspect by ignoring another.

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