The following appeared in a letter to the editor of a Batavia newspaper."The department of agriculture in Batavia reports that the number of dairy farms throughout the country is now 25 percent greater than it was 10 years ago. During this same time perio

The editor's argument in Batavia newspaper is so well articulated and substantiated so as to make someone corroborate with the idea at first glance. The numbers and figures provided in the argument by the editor are a sweet trap for those who don't logically reason through the assumptions made by the author. Lucid answers to the following assumptions will help us understand if the desired recommendation will have the predicted results.

First and foremost, the author informs us that the number of diary farms in the country have increased by 25%. While the development may be good news for Batavia's milk supply but it fails to adequately answer the question if the amount of milk produced is able to satiate the demand of milk in the market. In a free economy, the demand and supply play a vital role in determining prices and if the demand is too high and the so called increase in the number of farms is unable to increase the supply to such a level to as to be surplus, the price of milk will naturally increase. The author should provide more data about the number of litres of consumption per person in Batavia against the number of litres produced per diary farm and other such supporting data.

Adding to the above, the author does not give an account of population growth in Batavia. Was the growth rate faster than the rate at which the diary farm and its milk production increased? Well if that was the case then the demand and supply ratio will be really skewed and it will effectively help in evaluation of the recommendation.

Secondly, the author provides us another premise that the increase in milk price has been very steep in the same period by providing data from a local food market. This doubling of milk price seems to be meteoric and one might immediately conclude that the author's recommendation is the only hope. The author fails to elucidate whether the price rise is abrupt or based or various other factors that determine the pricing of the product. In the span of 10 years, the price animals, raw materials such as hay, farm maintenance, transportation etc. that is linked to milk production would have increased because of inflation and the price of milk might only factor these in.

Finally, the author assumes that the farmers are receiving excessive profit and that a price regulation will put this to check. The farmers might have been receiving enormous amounts of profits, however without actual evidence, it is difficult to corroborate with such a claim. Profits are a relative term and though the selling price of the product at retail stores might have increased, we have no evidence whatsoever to prove that it translates into increased profits for the farmers. There could simply be an addition of middlemen who might be taking up a significant chunk of profits for themselves as from the argument we cannot make out if the farmers are directly selling at retail outlets.

In order to conclude, if the author provides answers or evidences for the above questions then it will be easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the recommendation provided by the author. A price regulation itself could bring along the devils associated with it where the farmers regulate the price by glutting milk supply or artificially creating scarcity for it but that is a discussion for another day. Therefore, to summarize, the author's assumption that a price regulation on retail milk prices will ensure fair price to consumers, while sounding effective, may actually be futile and unwanted and the author should support his recommendation with sufficient relevant data.

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The editors argument in Batavia newspaper is so wel...
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...s so well articulated and substantiated so as to make someone corroborate with the idea ...
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...and substantiated so as to make someone corroborate with the idea at first glance. The numb...
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...other day. Therefore, to summarize, the authors assumption that a price regulation on r...

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