The following appeared in a letter to the school board in the town of Centerville."All students should be required to take the driver's education course at Centerville High School. In the past two years several accidents in and around Centerville have inv

The author of the letter to the school of Centerville concludes that the solution to reduce the ascendancy of increased accidents around the area is to make the students of the Centerville high school to undertake the program sponsored by the high school. However, the assertion made by the author might hold water if some of the unfounded assumptions he/she made aren’t substantiated would dramatically weaken the persuasiveness of the argument made.

Initially the author asks for the high school sponsored course which is intends to teach the driver’s education to the students as he says the parents cannot afford the course to their children. But the question arises regarding the economic factor of the parents which is not specified in a viable manner that if they are in such an abject condition, then how do they afford the car? If the parents can afford the car, then most of them may also be able to afford the course for their kids. If the author hovers over this topic again taking this into his considerations, answering this question, then that would would increase the credibility of the argument made.

The author fails to accord the actual reason for the accidents but mentions the solution to it. According to the author of the letter who acts as a face of the people(parents), insists about the course which has to be taught in the classrooms. But, the contemporary generation learns more based on the practical approach rather than simply heating the benches of the classrooms treating the act of driving as one of their other class subjects. Moreover, the paucity of the capital needed to handle the course may lead to the failure of the course too as the cognitive skills of the teenagers of current age tend to be better than their reading skills. Thus, the assumptions made by the author if answered in a well manner considering these factors, then that would make the author’s conclusion well ossified.

The Centerville may contain teenagers those who study at different number of high schools. The author fails to mention if it is asserted among all the high schools to make the assertion strong. The author may have sent this letter to only this particular high school being the face of the parents of the teenagers studying at that school itself. Instead the author might have lodged this letter to the government institute to allure the rule over all the education bodies of the Centerville and other surrounded areas. Therefore, the author seriously has to answer these questions to make is argument an acceptable one.

In a nutshell, the while the argument made by the author who is representing the parents of teenagers residing in Centerville tries to assert his solutions. He asserts that to reduce the number of accidents around the area would be reduced by introducing the compulsory education course to the teenagers studying in that particular high school. But, more amount of data is needed before a firm conclusion is reached. Hence, if the author answers the given questions about the parents and the capital asked, it will be possible to fully evaluate the validity of the argument.

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