Most important discoveries or creations are accidental: it is usually while seeking the answer to one question that we come across the answer to another. - GRE Issue 111

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Innovation is about what’s new and what’s next. It’s about that exciting leap forward into uncharted territory.

It is probably true that some discoveries are serendipitous. However, the claim which state's that most discoveries of paramount importance are accidental in origin is dubious. Therefore I strongly believe that there are a good number of intensional inventions in the human history which have aided us to evolve in both physical and behavioral traits with most advanced potentials.

To illustrate examples from the field of medicine and science, the idea of a blood bank was pioneered by an American medical doctor called Charles Richard Drew. He found out that plasma could be stored for a much longer time than whole blood, this discovery led to the invention of blood bank which saved a million of lives till today. Likewise, the contact lens was first invented by Fick who first experimented it on animals, he later tried it on humans. These lenses could correct myopia's , back then. But today, we have a wide range of lenses to correct specific optical condition. These intensional and intensive discoveries helped many of us to decipher many articles at long and short distances. Moreover, who could forget the invention of x-rays? The most important diagnostic tool in medicine! All credits to Roentgen for his selfless invention! Can't imagine medical treatments without it!

We can find these intensional discoveries in every field. Consider a case like invention of airplanes by wright brothers and invention of automobile by Henry Ford. Life would be tedious without these inventions. How about invention of electricity? These samples not only infer that there are sufficient number of cases to undermine the conventional statement

Finally, I believe that most discoveries are intentional unlike the cited statement. However, one may find discoveries accidental but generalizing it and claiming that most discoveries are serendipitous is fallacious.

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