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"The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition." - Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or dis

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I believe cooperation and competition both play a pivotal role in development of citizens and country. Among these two, cooperation is suitable for a country to prepare its young citizens for leadership in prominent sectors. However, competition also serves the best to develop an individual while with few negative impacts. Whereas cooperation also have disadvantages when compared with other tool they are negligible.

Firstly, parents should insist cooperation in their children from school age. Whereas today' s worlds from childhood mainly deals with competition this should be eradicated. A child will be successful and help others to succeed by cooperation not by competition. Now- a- days in field of education cooperation is being neglected as a result people are in a dilemma that sharing one' s own knowledge or views may result in deception. Working together from child hood builds social relationship and helps to finish a task quickly or with in a short span. To give a clear idea, a child in a school was given an assignment on a topic on which he has no idea, he does not find a teacher to clarify his doubt after his school time. By approaching his friend is the best way to clarify his doubt this aid him to finish his work soon.

Another point to consider is cooperation aid to develop motivation. For example, we all know that Apple products are manufactured in China. China and America economic development depends on cooperation. Development of smart phone market in America will help China to strengthen its economy by means of providing employments for manufacturing of these smart phones.

Thirdly, competition between individuals and companies might result in rivalry. To illustrate, recently an employee was brutally murdered by his colleague because of stealing his idea. Mainly India' s private sector pay huge amount of money to the people who come up with innovative ideas. The one who murdered his colleague has an innovative idea and that has been discussed among two of them, the one who heard his idea informed about the innovation to his superior by claiming it was his own idea as a result the owner of innovation murdered him.

In conclusion, cooperation must be insisted to youth because this can help not only one' s development but also country' s development. This should not be same in all fields while in sports competition is the best tool to be followed. A fine balance in cooperation and competition helps individuals to sustain smoothly in the society.

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