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The best way for society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation not competition.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree wi

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People possess different opinions on whether the best way to cultivate young people for leadership in government or industry is to cooperate with others. Some may think competition is more essential for young generations to lead groups. As far as I am concerned, cooperation will still be the best way of learning leadership.

First and foremost, to become a good leader, one needs to have a good communication skill so that he can deliver any kinds of news to his employees without any misunderstanding. And cooperation enables young people to learn communication skills efficiently since they always have to discuss with their team members. For example, MBA students at Harvard University have many group projects to help students learn how to communicate with other students. Also, If a leader in government does not have a clear communication skill, his team members can not function well on what he wants them to do. For example, Taipei city mayor, Wen-Jo Ko, visited China last month. However, because of his poor communication skill, his assistant misunderstood his order and live-streamed a important conference meeting on facebook, which was what Chinese government disallowed. Many people argue that he seldom cooperate with others in his early age, and that is why he has a bad communication skill as a leader.

In addition, it is vital for leaders to enlighten their team members and help their members to grow, and through cooperation, young people will have better understanding of how to inspire others. A study from UCL shows more than 70 percents of employees will obey and believe in their boss if their manager can always help them become the better version of themselves. And people learn how to encourage others by cooperating with other people. For example, when doing a group project, to make the whole team excellent, one will teach other mates how to write a better essay, and help other revise their mistake. As a result, cooperation can definitely assist young people become better leaders.

Admittedly, some detractors think only smart people can lead a team, and through competition, we can quickly define who is the most intelligent person. However, though smart people is a important element for leadership, but it is not the most essential one. For example, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, ever said that he is not the most intelligent person in his team, yet through cooperating with the most smart members in his team, they managed to develop the latest Iphone products and make Apple profitable in the long run. Apparently, cooperation is defintely more crucial than competition.

In conclusion, in order to help young people prepare for leadership in industry or government, cooperation is the most essential skill set that young people should have.

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