The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition.

The argument here recommends that sense of cooperation needs to be instilled in the minds of individuals to make a better leader. On the other hand sense of competition can have a reverse affect on them. I believe that while cooperation is of paramount importance to ensure wellbeing of society, competition, if taken in healthy spirit, can also prove as a boon.

Cooperation lays the building block for sharing ideas and helping each other in dire situations. E.g. - a company is made up many teams like human resource management team, technical team, and legal team. For the better functioning of the company it is very important that all these teams cooperate and work together. It is evident that in cases of legal issues, human resources team has to seek aid from legal team and in case of technical needs, IT team's cooperation is required. If a healthy cooperative environment is not present inside the firm, it can lead to firm's doom. So it becomes responsibility of the CEO of that firm to establish the trust, faith and sense of respect when these teams work together. Hence it is crucial that a lesson of cooperation is taught to individuals at an early stage so that they can become better CEOs in the future.

In absence of cooperation and presence of competition various negative feelings can come into play. Grudge, greed, envy, fraud etc. over powers human minds. If there is competition without respect, one team will try to hurt other team’s performance using false means like faking important document or hiding crucial information. A sense that others doom can prove to be one's achievement gets instilled in individual's mind. This eventually leads to an unhealthy culture for the development of the firm.

Although it is important that competition has its negative effects, a healthy competition can also be fruitful. Consider a class of student having a duly evaluation procedure for testing child's talent. In this scenario, when a child sees that other child is scoring more marks, he can be given a motivation by the elders that if other child can score, you can also perform better. This sense of motivation, ameliorates a sense of confidence and subsequently results in child's development.

Clubbing up all the points I can say that cooperation is very important for the functioning of any team in any field. Competition if taken in healthy spirit can also serve fruitful.

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Sentence: On the other hand sense of competition can have a reverse affect on them.
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